Thermoflock Material

Thermo Flock - soft, velvety finish is the number one choice when creating custom looks on corporate and fashion wear. #1 in Europe for soccer uniforms.
USE ON: Soccer uniforms, T-shirts, work uniforms, caps and more.
Thermo-FLOCK will adhere to: Poly/cotton blends - 100% cotton - 100% polyester - Polyester knits - acrylic blends - sublimated polyester
Thermoflock material colors are limited. COLORS: WHITE - BLACK - GOLD - RED - ROYAL  and has only 1 foreground color choice, no background color.
Two-color Thermo-FLOCK is NOT recommended because the fibers on the background are not a stable or solid surface for the adhesive on the foreground to adhere to.

For a two-color look, use Thermo-FILM for the background and Thermo-FLOCK® as the foreground. Align the Thermo-FILM background and Thermo-FLOCK foreground together and heat seal together in one step. Add 1-2 seconds for heat to penetrate the
increased thickness. 


Preheat Bottom Pad

Before application, lower the top

platen for 60 seconds. This helps the

adhesive to melt properly during application.

Preheat Garment!

Place garment on bottom pad and

press for 5-10 seconds to remove

moisture and chemical treatment from

lettering area on garment.

2. Layout Lettering

Place adhesive side (the milky-white

finish) down on garment.

3. Cover Lettering

To protect garment and lettering, use

a cover sheet such Kraft paper before application.

4. Heat Apply—

Temperature: 330°F; 165°C

Time: 8-10 seconds

Pressure: Medium