Name Patch Rect like "Jacob" patch (w/ or w/o velcro back)

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Patch shown has Arial Rounded font style, 2"X3-1/2" Rect . We also offer with or wihout Velcro backing.

Block or Arial Rounded font style.

Pls note Gothic and Shanghai style fonts take more spaces on a patch, it should be limited to 2-4 text characters with this size.

See other Font Styles: FABRIC COLOR CHART 

See Border Color Chart:

Popular Work Shirt with Patch

If your text has 10 or more spaced characters, we suggest having it on a 2 line text lettering. Other Options: with Velcro at the back, 2"X 4" size only.

If by chance you're having problems ordering on this page, you can fill this order form, email or fax to us.
Please type in the text with the UPPER and lower case letters as you would like to appear on the patch. SCRIPT fonts are with upper and lower case letters. Initials are UPPER case letters.
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