Blank Patches for embroidery and screenprinting
Blank patches sold in a set of 5 pcs. various shapes and sizes
Distributor and supplier of blank patches as wide as 14" for back jackets. We manufacture blank patches as wide as 14" for back jackets. We are also a distributor and supplier of blank patches to screenprinters, embroiderers, embroidery catalogs, uniform companies, small businesses, athletic shops for sports letters and numbers. Prices are affordable.
You can simply put a name or your logo on it whether screen printed or embroidered. See our namepatches! Available in 1 set ( 5 pcs) of specified sizes and shapes: oval, rectangular, square or circular, in a wide assortment of fabric and border thread Colors. Check out the various Patch Shapes. Order your Blank Patch Sample! or Email us of specific shape and size for your needs. Blank Rect Blank Circle Blank Oval Blank Square Blank Bottom Rocker Blank Top Rocker Blank Capsule Blank Military Tag Blank Military Shield Order your blank patches here: If by chance you're having problems ordering on this page, you can fill this order form, email or fax to us.