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Athletic letterings numbers are custom orders. Please allow for production time. We do not have them in stock as we cannot keep up with customers' preference on colors and sizes. We make them as you order them, made especially for you therefore they are not returnable.

Note: Thermofilm and Thermoflock materials come only in 1 color, NO BACKGROUND COLOR, as they cannot be heat sealed on top of one another.

Foreground color is the TOP color and Background color is the outline/trim  or back of the foreground/top color, they are of two different colors. We do not recommend the background and  foreground color with 1 or same color. You can choose  the Foregound color if you only need 1 color. 

2 color tone letterings are Background and Foreground colored letters, two letters cut separately, and laid on top of each other.

If by chance you're having problems ordering on this page, you can fill this order form, email or fax to us.