Athletic Twill Loose Letters and Numbers withzig-zag stitched edge. Check out our customized individual sweatshirts and tees.


Choose your own Letterings and Numbers from 3” to 14”, variety of colors, different style or layout -custom made for your uniforms! We sell loose numbers and letters to apply on your own favorite sports uniforms! These are cut out sports letters and numbers made of your choice of fabric materials: athletic twill, thermofilm,  thermo-flock, felt, suede, or  other special printed fabrics. We cut the letters in-house, no middlemen so it's low cost to you. No minimums! Thermoflock material colors are limited, WHITE - BLACK - GOLD - RED - ROYAL  and has only 1 foreground color choice, no background color.


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Athletic letterings numbers are custom orders. We do not have them in stock as we cannot keep up with customers' preference on colors and sizes. We make them as you order them, made especially for you therefore they are not returnable.



Recommended fabrics:
• 100% cotton • Acrylic blends
Poly/cotton blends • Polyester knits
• Fleece wear • Poly/foam & cotton caps
Application on Sublimated Soccer and Hockey Jerseys
Thermofilm - The bright patterns and colorful prints you see on many soccer shirts—and a growing number of hockey jerseys— are usually created with a sublimation process. Instead of being printed onto the substrate, sublimation enters the fibers of the fabric as a gas, permanently dyeing colors onto the weave.
Use Kraft paper as a cover sheet for Thermo-FILM on sublimated shirts. Use one side only and dispose after each use. This prevents any residue on the paper from dyeing and ruining subsequent shirts.
Do not preheat the garment.
Although we recommend preheating to remove wrinkles and moisture from other types of fabrics, preheating sublimated jerseys can cause the dyes to sublimate and colorize your upper platen of iron.
Apply Thermo-FILM at the lowest possible temperature.
For sublimated jerseys, reduce your application temperature to 310° or 320° and increase your application time to 10 seconds.
Temperature Settings
Thermo-FILM can be applied with your iron or heat seal machine set at any temperature between 300° and 375° (150°-190°C) by varying the dwell time from 2-10 seconds. For best results set at approximately 330°F for 6-8 seconds, depending on the color and texture of the fabric. Reduce dwell time for dark colors or heavy textures. Always apply with light pressure. Keep your machine set at the most versatile temperature for different types of lettering materials and transfers you may apply.
One-step two-color application
 two colors can be applied by aligning the foreground and background onto the garment and heat-sealing together. Add 1-2 seconds for heat to penetrate the increased thickness. To avoid letters from shifting, use adhesive spray during layout.
Application Tips & Tricks
1. To prevent the garment color from bleeding through the Thermo-FILM, reduce the time, temperature or pressure setting of your iron or heat press.
2. Thermo-FILM can be applied over garment and cap seams.
3. Permanent, correctly applied Thermo-FILM will take on the same texture as the garment. It may be necessary to reseal at 2-second intervals to achieve this look.
4. Be careful aligning symmetrical-like letters and numbers such as A, E, H, T, 1, 8 and 0. Make sure the shiny side is up (solid color) with the adhesive or milky side down.

If an application error is made, Thermo-FILM can be removed by applying solvent to the reverse side of the fabric behind the lettering. Saturate the area thoroughly and wait 20 seconds. By gently tugging the garment, the letters will pop off. Picking at the Thermo-FILM will make removal more difficult.
Care Instructions
Machine wash using mild detergent. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Liquid bleach can be used during laundering. Do not iron directly on lettering, use cover sheet always. Thermo-FILM can be dry-cleaned.